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Ideal for the new wine business, or those making the transition from grape grower to wine brand, Full Palate's "Winery in a Box" service is designed to set you on the right path, with everything your brand needs to establish a profile.

Is your business aim achievable, and how do you go about achieving it? From the ground up, get your product mix right, make it market and consumer friendly, and get it in front of opinion-makers and consumers.

Often, this starts at the 1st point of contact - the tasting table at a festival, or perhaps your cellar door.

Get the product looking and tasting as good as possible, make sure your guests have a good time, GET THEIR CONTACT DETAILS and build a relationship. Can they look you up on your website, where you'll regularly update them on what's going on in your part of the world? Can you email them offers that tempt them? And can you work with the media and fine wine retailers to get all-important third-party endorsements? Get your wines into both On-Premise venues to build their profile, and Fine Wine retailers to take care of your volumes? And maintain all that?

"Winery in a Box" provides everything you need to get your business moving in the right direction, together with the coaching, assistance and timely support to keep it moving to where you planned.

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